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Someone is hire me for posting 30 comments on dofollow blog list, then i am start searching on google for dofollow blog list.


after 30+ minute i am find 3000+ Dofollow Blog List :)


Why you need dofollow blog list?

Lots of peoples use this for earn money(selling list) or lots of peoples use this for increase their site pagerank.


Download! (Each page containst 30 do follow blog list)  — You can help us by uploading this all links on a one place or upload in a .text format..


(Due to some reason they remove all dofollow links  from their site but I find this all links on google catch and you can help us by uploading this in a text page)


This links will be removed at any time so I will suggest you to download this all pages as soon as possible :)


Update: Google Catch remove this all links..


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  1. Jani Ali says:

    where is the download link ?

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