Best and Cheap OpenVPN with Dedicated Resource – $7/mo

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If you are looking for a VPN and want to use OpenVPN then you don't need to worry, Now you can easily purchase a Linux SSD KVM VPS and we will install and configure OpenVPN server for you.

Here is link:


Why OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is a open source software and secured, OpenVPN server Installation is bit complicated but Dewlance can install can configure this for you. This is most easy software which allow you to easily connect with VPN lot of clicks on different different setting. Just open it and click on connect.


$7/mo is Costly?

Not at all because you get 20GB SSD Disk, 1000GB bandwidth, 4 vCPU Core and Full control panel. If you want then you can modify your VPN setting and also run other software or host your website, etc on our VPS. You are not only getting a VPN but you also get a VPS. VPN + VPS with dedicated resource.


Why OpenVPN is easy?

When we install OpenVPN on a VPS then it will generate a encrypted file which will be required to connect, Only you need to place this file into your OpenVPN configuration file. We provide full information so you don't need to worry. Once you place a file in your configuration folder then you don't need to enter IP Address, username, etc. You will only need to open your OpenVPN client software and then click on "Connect" and it will show a green bar which indicate that you are connected to a VPN server.

OpenVPN Connected





Even hosting company use VPN for hiding their real IP so it can't be hacked, For example If you are browsing a forum then it will be secure for you and your real IP will be hidden so no one will attack on your real IP. It also help you to secure from many vulnerable attacks, hackers, etc.


If you are using Skype then there is a lot of softwares are available which allow other person to see your IP Address but If you are using VPN then they can't find your real IP Address.


My data is secure?

Yes, We are 7+ year old hosting company and your data is safe with us. We do not check logs unless we receive abuse report for spamming, illegal activity.


How can I purchase it and what is process?

Visit and purchase our any VPS plan you want, then open a ticket and we will install OpenVPN server on your VPS and configure it and we will provide a Access file. Do not share this file with anyone. Then you can install OpenVPN client software on your PC. OpenVPN is available for Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android so you can use it from anywhere. Think that your identity is secured.



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