Dewlance™ Launch AutoBoot Software for Linux & Windows VPS

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We’ve launch a new AutoBoot software for our Linux XenHVM VPS and Windows VPS.


What is AutoBoot?

AutoBoot software monitor your VPS for 24x7x365 days and If your VPS goes down due to heavy ddos attack, software error, driver error then our AutoBoot software will Automatically start your VPS and also inform us by email and sms.


Why AutoBoot is good for your VPS?

If you are sleeping and your VPS goes down due to software error, ddos attack, etc then our AutoBoot software will immediately start your VPS but without AutoBoot you will wake up at morning and find that your VPS is down for many hours so we recommended you to use Autoboot software for your VPS and save your business from hassle of  unwanted/unexpected downtime.


Why you make AutoBoot?

Many other hosting provider provide 99.9% Uptime but many of  VPS owners try to find a solution on Internet and they use Uptime Monitoring sites and pay $5 to $40 per month for monitoring VPS but even they use Uptime checker they face downtime for many hours because of Uptime monitoring site only notify them but can’t automatically start their vps so we make a AutoBoot software for them(Note: This software is only for our users, we do not share this or sell this at any cost and only for our customers who use our VPS and can’t use for VPS which is not provided by us)


Price of Adding this AutoBoot Feature to your VPS?

While placing a windows vps/linux vps you can select this as a add-on service and If you are our existing customer then login to your client area, click on “My Services” >> VPS >> and then click on “Addons”  and place a order.

Price is only $2/m (low cost and anyone can afford $2/m for their business or vps)


Why you chose Dewlance™?

We’re Innovative and always try to improve our services so why we discover AutoBoot software for our customers, we’re not only providing a VPS but also provide solution for your needs  ;)



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