Dewlance™ – Now Accept Payment through AirtelMoney – Indian Bank Payment

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Now we accept payment through Airtel Money and you can pay us through AirtelMoney using your bank account, Debit Card, Visaor Credit Card.


How to Pay Through Airtel Money to our Bank Account?

If your bank account is NEFT enable banking account then we recommended you to directly pay to our bank account through Online NEFT Transfer however If you don’t have a online banking account facility then you can use your debit/credit card to upload a funds to your Airtel money then transfer moneyto our bank account.


First place a order on our website, select payment method “Indian Bank Payment” then register a account on Airtelmoney website, Load a funds and then dial *400# from your Airtel mobile, Main Menu will appear shortly, choose “Send/Withdraw money” option from the Main Menu then select “Send to Bank A/C”.

(1) Now chose “Send to Bank A/c” Option

(2) Chose “Send Now” option

(3) If ask you to enter IFS Code then enter our bank IFS Code(Open a ticket with us and we will give you a our Bank IFS Code)

(4) Enter our bank details,etc and send payment to our bank account.


After you send a payment open a ticket with us and we will mark your invoice as a paid invoice.


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