Docker Template Added to Our KVM VPS – One Click Deployment

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As you know, Docker is a computer program that performs operating system level virtualization, also known as containerization.

For the ease of our customers, we have added a Docker KVM Template to our Linux VPS product line which will allow you to install Docker with just a single click. It does not require any technical skill to install it. There is no need of manual installation and it can save you a lot of time.


Docker is very popular among developers and others. Docker allows you to run various software on a VPS. What it means is that you can run multiple programs that require different types of enviorment. For example, for software that requires Django, you can use Docker and install Apache and MySQL inside it and then create another image of Docker and install Apache + MariaDB. You can also move your docker easily.


We are working on other images and you can make suggestions to us, especially if you are our VPS Reseller and want to have some customized templates for your customers.

Docker has thousands of readymade apps, content management systems and various operating system that allow you to install them with a few clicks, such as WordPress, cPanel, Joomla, Nginx, Mongo, Node, BusyBox and many more. You don't need to run manual installations. Just enter a few commands and start using them.


We are now going to work on a VPN Template which will allow you to install a pre-configured VPN with CentOS image using the OpenVPN server. You will be able to use it without wasting your time on installing or configuring OpenVPN.


Our aim is to add at least 10 of the most popular applications. We already added cPanel template, RocketChat template and various other templates.


Installing RocketChat on a VPS server is not so easy. It takes lot of time and good technical skills. On top of that, you also need to debug RocketChat when it fails to install due to some problems. However, with Dewlance VPS, you only need to install a readymade KVM Template and start using it.


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