Forex Users – Switch to Dewlance and Foregt about “Can I run 3 or x MetaTrader” questions

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Are you a Forex VPS User and always change your VPS because of speed issue or can’t run even more then 2 Meta Trader software or any other Trading software Simultaneously?

And always open a ticket with hosting providers with this type of subject “Can I run 3 MT4 on your VPS?” or “Can I run x MT5 Software on your VPS?”


Now you don’t need to ask this questions anymore, Switch to Dewlance and you will forget about this questions because of we provide at least 4 CPU Cores with each Window Forex Plans and you can run 3 to 4 or more MT software simultaneously ;)


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(Note: We also Provide “AutoBoot” feature to Forex users so you can sleep without fear of unexpected shutdown)




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