Future of Windows VPS in Darkness? (Microsoft increase price in 2014)

November 12th, 2013 by admin Leave a reply »


Lot of peoples start using Windows Hosting, Windows VPS from last few years and also Microsoft gain Market share of Hosting Servers so they have decided to stop their growth rate :) and they will increase price by 15% in 2014 and of-course their License Distributors/Resellers will also increase price by 30% to 50% in 2014 so what happen with Windows Hosting and Windows VPS services?

Currently most of Big Windows VPS companies selling a VPS at $20 – $40 and they will forced to increase price to $33 to $66/m

I don’t know why they are increasing price, They are increasing price for development of “Windows 2012″ server? If yes then I want to tell them that we do not provide or use Windows 2012 OS ;)



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