How to Disable SSLv3 in Firefox Browser?

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SSL version 3.0 is no longer secure, Browsers and websites need to turn off SSLv3 and we've already write some tutorials for Disabling SSLv3 on cPanel, SolusVM and other Web Servers.


How to Disable SSLv3 on Firefox?
Step 1: Type about:config in your Firebox Address bar and Press Enter.

Firefox disable sslv3 - dewlance hosting





Step 2: Accept warning

dewlance firefox sslv3 disable warning






Step 3:  In Search box type security.tls.version.min  and change value to 1

Dewlance SSLv3 Poodle fix










How to Disable this on Google Chrome Browser?

Its not easy to disable this via configuration file so we need to disable SSLv3 on Chrome Startup.


Step 1:  Go to your Windows Desktop, Right Click on Google Chrome Application and then click on "Properties" menu.

disable sslv3 poodle attack dewlance hosting













Step 2:  Under "Shortcut" Tab, Click Inside the "Target" Box and paste this line --ssl-version-min=tls1 at the end of chome.exe line and then press ok.


chrome sslv3 disabled






















How to check If your Website/cPanel/SolusVM/SSL Website is SSLv3 Poodle Vulnerable?


How to check If your Firefox/Chrome/Other Browser is Vulnerable?


If you are our customer and have a Linux or Windows VPS and need help then please open a ticket with us.


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