How to Get Daily 40 – 70 Visitors?

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  • You can’t sell anything because you can’t get a lots of visitors? or Your Visitors Can’t find Your site?
  • Want to increase Per Day 40+ Visitors?

  • visitors-cant-find-uYour Visitors Can’t find Your Site…….

    Useful Tips for getting  a 40+ visitors:

    1. Dewlance is New site and only 9 links index in Google But i am get a daily 40 to 70 Visitors (Upto 160+ Visits)  How?

    Simple Trick: Register in Webmaster Forums and start posting in this section “Site Review” “Blog Review” or any other suitable section.

    i know you can’t post daily 5 – 10 post so use this tricks:

    • Start Posting in “Site Review”, “Blog Review” Section in each forum and use same thread in all forums.

    You can use this thread titles:

    • Please Review My Site
    • Please Review My Blog
    • Is my site is down? :)
    • Google Not index my  site 🙁  hahaa Hi forum member,  i am submit my site map and google only index my 4 links so why reject my all other links ? is my site is not good? or other problems?
    • Why Dmoz not accept my site?
    • Why this  Affiliate site is not accept my site
    • How to Transfer my site to other host?
    • How can i Modify my site banner?
    • How to? What? Why?…etc..etc or anything(Must be legal)

    Here is Webmaster Forum List

    1. (Highly Recommended – Easy Rules)

    Do not post duplicate post in same forum :)

    i am recommended v7n forum because this forum is not only give you visitors also v7n is good for link building.

    Here is my Search Result Dewlance Search Result in google

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