How to start networking on CentOS 6 on Dewlance XenHVM VPS?

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Some of our customers report us that Networking is not working on our XenHVM VPSs so we look at this issue and find a solution which can enable Networking on your CentOS 6 VPS (XenHVM)

(Note: You don't need to do anything extra on XenPV and this issue only occured on XenHVM Virtualized VPS)


How to enable Networking on CentOS 6 XenHVM?

1. Login to our VPS Control Panel.

2. Click on the "Setting" button.

3. Change Emulator option from "ioemu" to "netfront", Click on the "set" button and then reboot your VPS from Control Panel.














Note: Do not reboot from OS, You must need to reboot it from our VPS Control Panel)


Once your VPS will be rebooted then login to your VPS SSH Account and run this command.

nano /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

and change "ONBOOT = No" to "ONBOOT = YES" then restart networking by running this command

service network restart


Congratulations, Now Internet connection is working on your CentOS 6 XenHVM VPS.


If you need any help then please open a ticket with us.


Thank you.


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