PreMadeKB Nulled Product? Sharing it? Read this before using it

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Recently we found that one of hosting company was using our’s nulled software so we checked our customer database and found that he was not listed in our database so we decided to take action against him.


What action taken by us?

  • First we sent him notice to remove our KB, Images, everything which is property of PreMadeKB and not bought by him but they denied it by making excuses.
  • We sent DMCA Notice and within 24 hours they were forced to remove our all alleged contents.


  • Note:  Cost of our KB without Watermark is $10,000. So If we found that abuser damaged our Intellectual property which can required legal action then we will be forced to take action against abuser/company to get damaged money from them.


Policy change in

  • Whoever is using our Nulled KB product will be not able to buy our product and can’t keep using it so it will be great damage to their Google Ranking due to 404 errors and sudden missing contents from their website.
  • We avoid to post them in public forum because of we don’t want to harm their business however sometimes we will need to discuss about them in public forum If did not receive response within 12 to 24 hours.
  • Closing “Reseller Program” of our KB.


Why you should not use nulled PreMadeKB?

  • We release new versions on every 3 ~ 6 month so you will be not able to get new contents unless someone is able to provide you updated files on every 3 to 6 month.
  • In case of quick fix, They will not provide you to fix issue in articles, etc.
  • We only sell our KB with watermark of customer’s website logo on images so maybe you will not even notice that your users are going away from your website since logo used on your article is not your website’s logo. I mean imagine that you have articles but all images contains logo of your competitor website.
  • Nulled software are not secure, Hackers or person who is illegally sharing it to you not care about you or your company. They can use anything in SQL file.
  • Cost of our KB product without watermark is $10,000 wile with watermark price is only $51  and your customer will think that KB is made by you. (We put your company’s logo on images)
  • Nulled software can crash your database because of modification in file.


What we do with Customer who share our KB?

  • We respect our customer so we request our customers to do not do this because of it can be good damage and discourage us to release new update however If abusive customer share their KB files in public forum/private forum, blog, etc., for downloading or using it in anyway for other party other than using it only on licensed domain  then we will terminate their KB license. No update, etc will be given to them to avoid them sharing our files in future.
  • License of KB will be terminated. They will be need to remove our KB/files from their website.

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