Single reason to never use Cloud Hosting

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I am in hosting business since 2007 but active after 2009 however I heard people think that cloud hosting is really good and they should use it for maximum uptime and many other claims but "Cloud hosting" is just a "marketing term" made by big companys to fool people.


Single reason why you should never use cloud hosting.

  • Disk used in Cloud hosting is normal Hard Disk and not SSD.


So, Normal SSD VPS is 20 times faster than any cloud hosting because of they use Hard Disk instead of SSD since no one can afford money for SSD and Solid State disk are so expensive while cost of normal HDD is to much lower.


What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is just a marketing term, This is just a normal HDD based VPS and they use software to join multiple server but If any hardware will be fail or any software, server will be down then your "Cloud VPS" will be down and not work for many hours so even claim of maximum uptime is false propoganda.


Now a days, Every hosting/vps provider use SSD disk but cloud hosting company use Normal HDD which is much slower and performance will be always bad than SSD VPS. Boot time of SSD VPS is faster than Cloud VPS.


Windows is resource hunger and running Windows VPS on Cloud VPS is equal to running windows on pen drive. Always chose normal VPS for Windows.


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