Some Tips on Windows VPS Hosting

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Windows VPS hosting is a VPS hosting that uses Windows platform. Windows VPS hosting is designed for webmasters who have websites that use Windows technologies such as Visual Basic, .Net Framework, and Microsoft Front Page extensions. If you use Windows technologies, Windows VPS hosting will make your life easier.

Windows hosting is the only option for webmasters that rely on Active Server Pages (.ASP) as Unix servers is not compatible with ASP. If your website runs on Microsoft Access database, your best option will be Windows VPS hosting as it can easily integrate the database into your website without any problem. Windows platform hosting is also suitable for Windows applications developers.


Windows vps hosting, tips and dif in managed, unmanaged There are two types of Windows VPS hosting including   managed and unmanaged. In managed hosting, the provider has a team where they will monitor the performance of your server. Managed VPS hosting is usually the default option on Windows VPS hosting packages. With managed hosting, you will be guaranteed that the server will have no downtime. Whenever you face any difficulty, the IT support representatives will always be ready to assist you.


In unmanaged hosting, you will be responsible in managing the performance of your server so that it runs in optimal condition. Unmanaged VPS hosting is designed for experienced webmasters who are knowledgeable about server management. Managed VPS hosting is slightly more expensive than unmanaged VPS hosting. You will have root server access. Normally, the provider will offer a control panel such as Plesk for easy administration of the server.

The advantage of Windows VPS hosting is that the server resources will only be shared with a few users. The partitions are hosted in an independent environment. Other people will not be able to access the files on your partition. It allows you to enjoy the features of a dedicated hosting at a cheaper cost. It offers a more secure hosting environment for your website. It offers unique IP addresses for webmasters.


tips on buying windows vpsWhen shopping around, make sure you check how much RAM and storage space it offers. The VPS hosting package should offer at least 512MB RAM and 15 GB hard disk space. Besides, you should check for the data transfer limit. Most VPS hosting put imitations on the bandwidth. The provider should update the OS regularly. You should find out about their backup procedure. Another thing that you should check is the CPU core. If you run a website that use a lot of bandwidth, you must make sure the VPS server provides ample CPU power so that it can run smoothly.



Many webmasters are reluctant to use VPS hosting because they think it is expensive. Actually, Windows VPS hosting is quite affordable. You can get cheap Windows VPS hosting from


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