Terminated/Cancelled VPS/Domain/Hosting products will be hidden by default

July 4th, 2013 by admin Leave a reply »


Our developer made a custom module to hide Terminated and Cancelled products by default and you can only see Pending or Active Products.

If  any of our customers need a list of terminated/cancelled product then they can open a ticket and we can give a list of terminated/cancelled product or we will disable this for a temporary time so our customer can check their all terminated/cancelled products in client area.


Why we hide terminated/cancelled product list?

Many of customers get annoyed when they have a lot of terminated and active VPS and they need to manually find Active products which waste lot of time of our customers.


What If want to see list of terminated products?

We can give you a list of your all terminated/cancelled products in email or we can disable this function for temporary time for.


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